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My Instructors

I have had the pleasure of training with some amazing instructors who have helped me online and 

offline to ensure I understood my journey in this work.

Law of Attraction Life Certification Coach:  Joeel & Natalie Rivera, Terez Firewoman Hartmann

The Pleasure Lab, Free your body with touch:  LaMariposa Embodiedmoves

Sound Therapy & Sound Healing: Tom Llewellyn- Soul Member Academy

Singing Bowls & Gongs for Meditative Sound Baths; Ann Martin

Meditation Masterclass: Kevin Ellerton

Yoni/Vaginal Steam Training Certification E: Misty Cassidy

A Beginner's Meditation Guide to being blissful & Mindful:  Dr. Omanand Guruji

Solo Tantra & Beyond Foundation of Meditations & Practices: Debra W.

Turn on ABUNDANCE: Adjanys Marrero Amador

Tantra and the art of Conscious Touch:  Shaft Uddin 

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