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As your LOA Sex Life Coach I will support you in managing your vibrational energy and exercising your power to create what you want through the power of your conscious attention. I will help you embrace habits to enhance your manifesting skills, release limiting beliefs and other forms of resistance, and remind you that you are creating your world and whatever you want is completely within reach.

     Created and Designed for you and you only!

  • If you are a beginner and want to understand the essential basics behind manifesting and explore how this powerful Universal law can transform every area of your life.

  • You have been using the Law of Attraction for a while and feel a little stuck and in need of assistance to help you release blocks, get off your current plateau and get to the next level.

  • You are a dab hand at magic making and want to further your journey with an even deeper dive into your Law of Attraction practice for even greater results.

Do you love the idea of being positively in control of your life and sex life on fire by using the Law of Attraction? 

This is for you if you want it:

  • To feel peaceful and content from within, having learned powerful techniques that help you to navigate your way effortlessly through the curve balls life throws at you. Knowing that each challenge is designed and created for you.

  • To learn to go with the flow more and learn to trust that the universe has your back.

  • To connect with what truly lights you up from within, to trust that you and your life are in the capable hands of your good empowered self.

  • To experience more positive interactions with your friends , partners and family and finally be treated with the love and respect that you deserve.

  • High-vibe, results-oriented coaching processes and tools that you can use to help you achieve success by mastering the Law of Attraction in your life and sex life.

  • Fun and inspirational sessions and tools that work.

How it works

Typically the sessions consist of six structured, private coaching sessions depending on the individual (Zoom or Google Meet).   Sessions in person are on hold due to the Covid Pandemic.

  • Interim calls to support your progress between sessions. These calls can make a difference as they are designed to:

  • Give you the additional support to keep you focused and on track while you make the changes you want to make in your life.

  • These are each geared up to help you navigate through any curve balls along the journey and keep your motivation high. 

  • Keep you accountable so that you can deliver the actions you need to reach the levels you desire.  

  • Personalized assignments (growth-work aka homework but the fun kind).

  • Further reading recommendations and techniques to work alongside our work and exercises as relevant.

  • The option to continue is solely up to you.

The process includes

Phase 1 - Clear and cleanse

To get the Law of Attraction fully working in your favor we will clear the way and lay firm foundations for you to build your dreams and desires. 

Dreams and Desires that are not built on solid vibrational foundations leave you feeling anxious and insecure. By clearing the way you will feel more confident in your abilities to manifest and feel good along the way. 

Phase 2 - Recharge and reset

This phase is all about bringing you into alignment with your dreams and desires! Energetically we will shift your feelings from fear to fun and help you get into a place where you are manifesting from pleasure and not pressure. 

We will work on recharging your energy and plugging you in to the positive pulse of the Universe daily and consistently.

Phase 3 - Designing your dreams and desires

Now that you will be  all set vibrationally we can do the fun and sexy stuff and build your dreams! Now that you are stronger, more energized you are in a perfect place to manifest power and magic and have a whole lot of fun along the way. 

You will discover

Why there is FAR more to working with the Law of Attraction than vision boards and affirmations (as fun as they are there is way more to it than that) and most importantly, get clear on your vision and the practical steps for you to take to get there. 

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