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September 16, 2022

The Golden Goddess Challenge

5 Day Body, Beauty and Sex Challenge

In this challenge you will be tuning into your divine feminine so you can unlock the keys to achieve your full Fab, ‘cause the Hot Girl Summer is on its way out #byegirl #fuckitup

We are here to pave the golden path towards a new way of being – one that integrates the heart, womb, and Earth.



Presented by Goddess Egypt,
Founder & CEO of Sensuous Embodyment.
Reigning Wessland Femme Queen 2022

Explore 5 anchors of Devine Sensuous Energy in my Golden Goddess Challenge.  If you have been feeling the need to dive deeper into your intuition, body, embodiment, beauty, pleasure and senses.  Then this challenge is for you. You will walk away with more glide in your walk, confidence in your talk and love in your spirit.  

The Golden Goddess 5 Day Challenge Will Cover

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