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Fuck Like A Boss

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

What kind of Fuck are You?


  • basic Fuck -You just lay there like a pillow princess on your back. Plain

  • scheduled Fuck- You have to pencil in a date and time to be fucked

  • dominant Fuck- You like to be in control of the fuck and who you are fucking

  • submissive Fuck - You like to be controlled and told what to do

  • mind Fuck- You are a tease, you might fuck or not it depends lol

Take it from the back

Listen to your body, you know what you want and that you deserve to Fuck and be Fucked like a BOSS!! For too long you’ve been ignoring your intuition, not setting boundaries and lowering your standards and expectations.

At times, doubting your self worth. Thinking you have to compromise, playing it small. You feel stagnant and maybe disconnected with yourself You know that it’s time for an orgasmic shift and you are ready to activate the healing abilities within yourself, do the fucking work and be consistent. Set out jour goal towards your most blissful orgasmic destiny. Can you imagine how it would feel to completely embody your power, stimulate your pleasure and own your pussy ?

Can you imagine to live as the sensual, sexual, erotic boss you were meant to be?

You live from a place of true embodied self-love. Yes you!

Your confidence, intuition, radiance, sensuality and magnetism are LIT and you’re attracting more love and pleasure like never before.

You’re clear and focused on your heart’s desires, your connected to your pussy and know what turns you on.

You radiate and live from divine feminine energy and are tapped into your sensuality without any guilt or shame.

You have set boundaries and high expectations always keeping you in Boss Bish energy.

You are completely aligned and living as the Boss that you are, things are always working out for you.

You magnetize soul aligned partnership and friendships with grace and ease.

You look and feel sexier, more powerful, vibrant and confident than ever by owning your unique essence and adopting routines and rituals that align with your Boss self.

You have Transcend, you feel hotter and turned on and in your up most pleasure.

So, I ask again, what kind of FUCK are you?

Tell Me which Fuck are you and tag me





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